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Olaya Street, Sahara Towers,
P.O. Box 40046, Riyadh 11499, KSA
Tell: +966 1 215 4044
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Email: info@mv-pr.com
Good public relations doesn’t just happen – it takes skill, hard work, and experience. Media Vision PR has a team with broad experience in journalism, social marketing, event management, community relations, and crisis communication. We handle every step involved in getting media coverage, from planning to execution. Our public relations services include:
Strategic Planning:

Every client has different objectives for their stakeholders. Media Vision PR works with each client to ascertain those goals and map out the PR strategy that will best accomplish their objectives. That strategy forms the foundation of all PR efforts. We also help define a client's brand or company positioning, establishing targeted messages that mold identity.

For some, the PR strategy is simply to introduce the company and its services. Media Vision PR can quickly help define or re-define a client's brand by PR activities. For new product or service launches, Media Vision PR is skilled in finding the unique hook that captures attention and generates coverage.

Media Kit:

Media Vision PR thinks in ink. This means developing different story angles for diverse publications, matching the message to the medium, and shaping the pitch to sell the story. In short, our media kits don't just give background—they generate buzz.

Employing sharply written press releases, fact sheets, executive bios, and customer case studies among other materials, Media Vision PR press kits make the case for your company. Our public relations media kits support and shape the positive coverage our clients regularly receive in media.

Media Vision PR introduce online media kit. A reporter can turn to your Web site and obtain the information in a form that can be used as press release.

Media Relations:

Throughout our experience, the core capability of Media Vision PR and the principle reason why clients retain us has been our constant focus on results. Media Vision PR help companies or organization, consistent flow of outstanding, on-target, on-message media coverage. It is what we are known for and we are proud of it.

Nobody does it better. The cornerstone of all client programs is a comprehensive and prioritized media program that promotes their story to all appropriate and agreed-upon print, broadcast and online media, from industry verticals to key trade press to major national business outlets. Our team is proactively and creatively pitching your story to reporters every day. The team develops all necessary PR background materials as well as press releases. Regular contact with key reporters ensures placement in trend stories, features and news reports.

Public Relations for Product Launches:

From cosmetic product and telecom service to brand-name juices, fast-food restaurants and medicine of all kinds, our public relations experts have helped introduce countless new products and services. Plant the seeds before launch, wave the flag on rollout, and keep the heat on long after the initial flurry of publicity is over.

The key to a successful product launch is talking to the right people at the right time. We will help you pace the release of your news to specific editors, columnists and publications, targeting key contacts for exclusives where appropriate. Special events and press tours, along with aggressive product pitches from Media Vision PR expert public relations team, all help to create a product launch that keeps you and your business in the spotlight.

Special Events and Public Relations:

Media Vision PR is an invaluable resource of media coverage. When clients have major announcements with far-reaching industry impact, Media Vision PR helps them communicate their message in a more formal press conference venue.

To ensure that your event media coverage, Media Vision PR personnel employ all our public relations skills to work determinedly before, during and after the event. Our pre-existing relationships with industry press means we can spot individuals, who should know about your company, then make sure they do. Result: maximum event coverage in minimum time.

Media and Analyst Tour:
There is no substitute for face-to-face meetings that form the basis of a lasting relationship between our clients and relevant press and industry analysts. To that end, Media Vision PR helps our clients maximize their time and communicate their messages through targeted media and analyst tours. Because Media Vision PR has significant experience planning and executing tours, our clients can rest assured that media and analyst tours proceed smoothly and effectively.
Media and Presentation Skills Training:

Media Vision PR teach how to prepare for effectively the media interview and get your message across with confidence, clarity and credibility; how to deal with bad news and hostile media; how to conduct the successful news conference; and how to present media presentation.

Media Vision PR arrange one-on-one training for those who wish to improve their overall public speaking skills or prepare for a specific scheduled presentation. Executive training focuses on determining subject's "individual style" and then improving delivery, elocution, dynamics, and confidence levels.

Media Monitoring:

When executives need a daily snapshot of their media coverage, news about their competitors, or industry trends, we delivers. Our team puts comprehensive news summaries at your fingertips eliminating the time that you spend reading and cutting coverage.

Media Circle expert analysts deliver you print, online and broadcast coverage via email, in the early morning. Your filtered news requirements are also delivered via email, so you can be informed on the go and without needing to read and watch news.

Crisis Communication:

Media Vision PR protect your corporate and institutional reputation internally and externally, in difficult times, such as a negative product review, industry slap and national disasters.

The golden rules of any crisis communications situation is tell the truth, tell it all and tell it quickly. Because we can not anticipate when a crisis will hit, it is important to be prepared for myriad situations. Media Vision PR develops comprehensive crisis planning and communications programs that prepare your company and spokespeople to respond to internal and external corporate crises and adverse events.

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