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Why PR is important?

The more your stakeholders hear positive messages about your company, the more they see evidence of your work, the more favorable will be their impression of you.
PR - versus other marketing communication tools - delivers the most bangs for your buck.
Media coverage increases credibility
Paid advertising increases name recognition, media relations increases credibility. When people read a story about the excellence of your organization in a newspaper or see a story praising your organization on television, they are much more likely to have a favorable opinion of your organization.
Media coverage helps you attract "quality" prospects

Because public relations increases credibility, it helps you attract those who want the best. When people have heard of you and have a favorable impression of you, it is easier to attract and hold their attention while you tell your story.

Media coverage makes you a player
Coverage in important publications or on TV can make your organization look much larger than it is.
Public relation helps you avoid price competition
If people believe that you are the best, they will understand why it is worth paying your price.
PR campaign stretches your marketing budget
Because the media does not charge for news coverage, the relative cost of a good program is a lot less than for paid advertising campaign.
Best way to launch a brand
Public relation is also considered by many as the best way to launch a brand or new product. When something is new the media often will write about it because of its news value.
PR helps you in crisis
In crisis none other marketing tools then PR can support your organization to minimize the effect on your reputation and to keep you best in people mind.
PR boost your marketing campaign
PR cased a big and widening gap between the PR “exposed” and the “non-exposed” marketing campaigns, meaning that TV advertisement were much more effective when people used PR campaign alongside.
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